Mobile Bioenergy Lab

Mobile Bioenergy Lab is a creative research laboratory for experimentation with emerging bioenergy technologies. MBL consists of a mobile community research laboratory that invites citizens to explore the creative uses of bioenergy technologies. We also perform art interventions in urban space to engage citizens in conversations surrounding these technologies. Currently, our investigations surround Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology. MFCs are devices that generate electricity from the metabolic reactions of bacteria found in diverse environments such as lakes, wetlands and compost.
Below are some examples of our activities:
  • Workshops on Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) construction. This includes discussions about strategies for use. Examples include constructing MFC-based charging stations for mobile devices, kimchi and other food-based MFCs and mapping their electricity generation process to sound and visuals.
  • A kitchen waste gathering event to explore bioelectricity generation from organic waste: we travel around the city collecting kitchen waste from local businesses and individuals and use that waste to construct MFCs.
  • Expeditions to local aquatic/wetland environments to construct ad-hoc MFCs "on-site."
  • Microscopy workshops examining the activity of the microorganisms present in the MFCs.
How Microbial Fuel Cells Work
MFC diagram