DPrime's organizational structure is non-hierarchical and founded upon the self-defining identity of staff members and fellows. Each contributor defines and delimits the terms of their involvement and contribution to the organization based upon individual interest and expertise. DPrime culture is characterized by collaboration and knowledge sharing across diverse disciplines. As a social organization it provides a structured environment for creativity, reflection and realization of shared goals.

Staff & Management

Steven J. Barnes
Role: Researcher/Director
Interests: cognitive & biological psychology, neuroscience, virtual reality, simulation, artificial intelligence, psychiatric & neurological disorders, embodiment & bodily awareness (http://stevenjbarnes
Carlos Castellanos
Role: Researcher-Theorist/President
Interests: complexity, emergence, self-organization, systems theory, networks, artificial life, embodiment, cultural theory, phenomenology (http://ccastellanos
Tyler Fox
Role: Researcher-Theorist/Director
Interests: posthumanism, individuation, assemblage theory, embodiment, affect, animal studies, bioart, cultural studies (http://tylersfox

Visiting Research Fellows

Yin He (2011-2012) (http://theyinhe
Diego Maranan (2011-2012) (http://diegomaranan